Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Calwell Zoo

This was too funny. Anderson kept reaching for the birds when they would land on the birdseed stick that Nana was holding so we finally just gave Anderson the stick and let him do it himself.
As soon as we walked in to this place the birds were just flying all around, I was screaming of course. Pop came walking towards us with about five birdseed sticks in his hands and he was covered with birds, I didn't have the camera on me to get that picture but it was pretty cute. After getting used to the birds being all around each one of the kids eventually took their own stick to feed them. At first they were a bit scared.

Balancing like Flamingos...I should have put Landon up there with them, that boy has been balancing and hoping on one foot for a few months now, very impressive! Alli's favorite animal is the flamingo.

These guys are so big! Landon and I suck around for a bit to watch these, at first we were just looking at their butts :) but they started to walk around after awhile and we got a nice close look at them.

Anderson did so well. Not very fussy at all. This was such a nice day to go to the zoo. Last time we went was July or August, it was way too hot...oh i just remembered Landon was in my tummy then :) Well, then this would be his first trip to the zoo, where is my baby book?

Landon's favorite animal is the giraffe, he says that they are his friends. He loved just laying there looking at them.


Candy said...

We love the Tyler zoo!!! It looks like ya'll had a great time! :)

Autumn said...

Yeah we went to the Calwell zoo two weekends ago. The kids had a great time Kahlan would not go in the bird house, but connor loved it! Great pics!

Anonymous said...

We love the Caldwell Zoo. When we lived in Tyler we were there nearly every weekend (of course it was still free then). We have been back several times since moving away. It has always been a nice zoo, but they didn't have the bird sanctuary then. I have not been since they have had it. Love the pictures, the kids looked like they had a great time. Love the shots with Kenny and Debbie in them!