Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cali Trip Part II

Finally uploaded photos from my ps....we visited the Jelly Belly factory. This was fun. We got to go on a tour upstairs and look down at the makings of it all. Downstairs in the candy story they had a counter with every flavor jelly belly they had made and you could taste as many as you wanted. After the tour we all got free jelly bellys and then we went to the store which was full of all kinds of candy. Ken had made different mixtures, PB & J, hot fudge sundays, I wanted a ton of Watermellon and Buttered Popcorn, Landon wanted sour worms and Alli went straight for the nasty flavors....ear wax, boogers, skunk, pencil shavings and vomit, yes vomit. She wanted to trick everyone she saw by telling them it was a yummy flavor.

On another day we went to Downtown Sac. Some things down there were places to eat, big candy stores with barrels full of candy, homemade taffy shops, horse carriage of the places we went was the Railroad Museum, this one in Sacramento is the largest in the country. We really enjoyed going through all of the different trains, the mail train, dinner train, sleeper train...the museum had restored trains and most of them then kids could get on and discover all the parts and where the coal was placed and all. We then took a train ride through downtown. One of the photos is the Sacramento State Capitol, where the govenator works :)

A couple pics of the kids on our way home, this is in Dallas, the kids were tired but still in good moods, just another meal and a 31/2 hour drive and we would be back in our own beds! One of the best feelings ever, isn't it? :)

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Angela said...

I'm glad you were able to go and have fun in California. Oh, and wanted to mention, if you have any doubt that Alli looks like you check out the picture of you and her holding your souvenir ticket look IDENTICAL!