Sunday, November 16, 2008

214 Days!

7 months old today and ever changing...Anderson said his first word on November 4th, "DaDa" of course. I thought I could get it to be MaMa, from day one I said it in his ear every day several times, any time I picked him up, any time I rocked him, fed him, constantly saying it, but no. None the less I love hearing those words from him, "dadadadaganadada" love it!

He has begun to eat a bit more baby food than before, he prefers table food though. He had his first pancake this Saturday on the 15th.
He has figured out he has a tongue and is constantly sticking it out and grabbing it, just trying to figure out what exactly it is there for.
When he is hungry in the middle of the night he will scooch over to me and tap the back of my head (like a dog scratching at the door when it has to potty) to let me know I need to flip over. :)
He is scooting all over the place and will get up on his knees and hands longer now.
He sits up in the bath like a big boy.
Still no teeth, which I'm perfectly fine with.
He will snatch a toquito right from your hands if you are not careful.
He brings his hands together and holds them lifting them up and down together.
Is getting better and better at using his sippy cup and tilting it back.
Starting sucking from a straw last week.
He is doing really well just being with daddy so I can leave for a few hours if needed.
Spitting on purpose to get attention.
Loves to be thrown into the air.
We and by we I mean Ken, let him cry in his crib for 15-20 minutes until he fell asleep...this was a big deal for me, because I would have never done it if I was here, but I am glad that it did work.
Tries to get out of the car seat as soon as he is being buckled in.
When you go to sit him down he keeps his knees bent and his feet high, clinging on to you so that you won't put him down, very cute.

The photos below are his first pancake morning, the last pic I asked him to say "ahhh" and he did... not really, it's just that tongue thing again, always out.


Candy said...

SO, SO SWEET!!!! :)

Kate said...

Oh he is so adorable!!! Such a pretty baby!

destiny said...

He is such a cutie!! I can't believe how big he is already!!

Autumn said...

I live the pics of him in the sink. They are so adorable. Love those baby blues to. Just curious did he gag on the pancake?? Wandering if cole could handle one.

Angela said...

I'm with Autumn...I love a baby in a sink.