Monday, January 14, 2008

Rosier Fallin Wedding - Jan. 5, 2008

Link to their wedding photos:

I'm so happy I got this shot...I have been wanting to do this at a wedding and we just never got the chance to do it. This is the couple before the wedding, having not seen each other yet but getting to touch...{exhale} it! Quite sweet!

I had to put one of my baby girl in here...her poses are so dramatic

I thought this one was pretty sweet as well, William waiting patiently to escort his soon to be wife up the isle as daddy holds on tightly to his little princess

Nothing like dancin' for a little spendin' money

They had so much snow all over them, by the time they got to hotel I'm sure it was comparable to being at the beach all day

I will post the link to all of the wedding photos here on the blog as well as my website when I am all through with them, say...Wednesday or Thursday this week! Check back!


Laura said...

I love that first picture. I've never seen one like that before. The reception looked beautiful. Where was that? Lacy made such a beautiful bride!

Lacy said...

You did such a good job on these pics 'Chell! No I haven't see all of them just the ones on here, but I love them. I'm just sorry you didn't have a better canvas to work with :) I love the one of Landon shaving--every little boy needs a picture like that!

Angela said...

Everything was beautiful at this wedding! You did a good job...I know you must have been exhausted.

Angela said...
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