Monday, January 14, 2008

Lovin' a good break!

With less work means more time with my kiddos as well as more photo time with the two as well! The shoemakers kids don't have any shoes and the photographers kids don't have any pictures. Well, I'm not that bad, but I love wanting to take the time to get some good photos of them. Sometimes when you are behind a camera all of the time you just don't want to be once you get home. Anyway, the sun was shining today through the front door so I had the kids run in there so that I could get their pretty smiles on my blog. They may just look like each other huh?


Laura said...

That's really cute! I'm glad you are able to slow down a little bit. I know it feels good to be able to just focus on your kids for a change!

Candy said...

I love this picture! Alli's expression is so cute and Landon just looks like he is along for the ride.

Angela said...

They do look so cute together!