Friday, January 18, 2008

Chasing the Snow

We got a late start with our day today so the kids showers came at about noon, and so did the snow, so it was a race to get out of the water, get dressed and then get outside back into the "snow"! The kids were so excited!

As I was watching my little girl lovin' the outdoors, it occurred to me that I wasn't going to receive the "mother of the year" award by having my kids outside in the snow with wet hair, so we ran inside and blow dried her hair as quickly as possible and when we made it back outside the snow had stopped, hence the look below...which quickly turned into a smirky smile when I told her that we would jump in the car and CHASE THE SNOW!

I had no clue where the snow was headed but I drove towards Minden, it seemed smart enough at the time. Then the "ding, ding" came from the dashboard letting me know that the gas was low and in the scurry hurry that we left I left my purse and all forms of payment at home, no biggie because the snow started up again not but 15 minutes down the road so we pulled over, but by that time Landon had fallen asleep. Alli loved it!

She is wondering why (below) the snow isn't just piling up in her hands like it did in Colorado :)


Candy said...

I love this! Only you would "chase" snow. You are so funny and such a great mom!!

Angela said...

I agree with Candy...only you, but I know the kiddos love their Momma who will go chasing snow! Alli looks cute in her hat.

Laura said...

Such a great mom. You went to great lenghts for your babies to see the snow :) Love the pictures and the minute-by-minute account! Great story-teller.