Friday, April 06, 2007

Introducing Name Boards!!!

So, I'm driving in the car today and I'm trying to think of what to do with Landon's room to give it a little more character than just the bedspread alone and I got to thinking about some sort of wall art maybe and this is what I came up with...I do this scrapbooking sort of thing for my kids pics already so why not share the wealth?

The name boards are custom created like all of my products :) and are designed with your child's room in mind. You don't have to stop at your kid's rooms either...if there is a bible verse that is special to you or maybe a saying that you want hanging above your bed, let me know and I will put it to the colors of whatever is around it.

The boards come in two sizes for now, I may add new sizes as I see fit. The 11x14 print is priced at $35, and the standout "storyboard" mounted print is $70. If the longer print is more your style that one is a 10x20 and the print is $55, where as the standout of it is $110.

I can't wait to start designing these for you all!!!!


Candy said...

Oh, these are just so cute! I am loving them!! Ya know also for newborns you could put their birth info like date, weight, etc. Great idea, Michelle!!

Angela said...

Good idea Michelle! I like Candy's addition to them, also. You are so creative!

Autumn said...

OK you know I am a sucker I love these and I want two. These or great I will be giving you a call.

Lacy said...

money money money idea cuz! Are you gonna put any ads out for pics at your garage sale? You should! (if the other girls dont mind)

Lacy said...

Maybe I missed it, but are these going to be on picture paper unless you get a storyboard?