Monday, August 28, 2006


Today I took Parker Reed's 2 year pictures, and in exchange Angela took my kids...not far, just to Brookshires. So Alli showed Hayden what he had been missing out on all these months just walking along side Mama. The kid carts. Leave it to my kid to add something new and joyful to other parents shopping trips; way to go Alli! So as Alli and Hayden browsed the grocery store they came across "Slinkies" and somehow got Mommy Angela to buy them. After I was done with Parker, Angela came over with the kids and we ate pizza and then the kids played while we enjoyed our wholesome "Slinkies." She got her stuff together to leave and that was it until...Alli woke up from her nap wanting a "Slinkie. "

Me: "Oh baby Angela took those home with her."
Alli: "Why? (foot stomp)"
Me: "Because she bought them."
Alli: "No she didn't!"
Me: "Well did you pay for them with your own money?"
Alli: "No, but I didn't pick them out so that she could just take them home with her!"

Oh my precious little one. What can you say to a dissapointed three year old craving good ol' Twinkie filling?

How the Twinkie was made
The Twinkie was invented on April 6, 1930 by bakery manager James Dewar, making thrifty use of shortcake pans that were usually only used during the strawberry season. Twinkies originally contained a banana cream filling, but this was replaced with a vanilla cream filling during a banana shortage caused by the outbreak of World War II.
Though Continental Foods has never revealed how Twinkies are made, most people believe that they are baked, because the bottoms look brown. The Washington Post reported on April 15, 2005 that "the cakes are baked for 10 minutes, then the cream filling is injected through three holes in the top, which is browned from baking. The cake is flipped before packaging, so the rounded yellow bottom becomes the top."

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Angela said...

Yummy, we are sure enjoying the Twinkies :)