Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mom Time Weekend

This was our first road trip together and we were so ready for it! Yes we were on our way to a small confrence where we would be listening to biblical truths and how we could apply them to our daily lives with our children, but...to be honest I was on this trip to get away from these babies of mine. From Shreveport Angela and I were on our way to Longview to pick up our longtime friend Mrs. Jennifer Pritchett, who I might add was looking pretty hot to be going to a moms confrence. From Jens house we went crazily down this windy road, it was crazy because Jen was driving...to pick up our new friend Elizabeth. Elizabeth was described as a little reserved, a prayer warrior, and someone who thinks Jennifer is a "hoot". I really so have an outgoing personality: if I know you, if not I shut down just a bit. But as soon as we met Elizabeth I said, "not today, no ma'am, today I'm turning over a new leaf"<--- only it didn't sound that dorky in my head. I took to her like I had known her from the get-go <---thats one of those words I've picked up from my mom. Seriously though, I loved her, she shall be our new travelling buddy. Just a day into it, we all decided this was going to have to be something we do on an annual basis, we all just got along so well. Okay so the conference started that night about 6pm. Thats the four of us, grabing a stranger to take this picture of us, no cares, no cares.
We were now in Tyler, Texas at Greenacers Baptist Church. I wasn't sure of what to expect but this confrence really changed my outlook on a lot of things. The first night Lisa Welchel just answered questions from the audience including one from our very own. Only we hope now that Jennifer will warn us next time she decides to ask how to "keep things spicy with your spouse". I mean there was no time to take cover we just had to act like we knew it was coming <---anyone? <---Inside joke. This question did however get her a free copy of one of her books, now signed :) After the question and answer time there was a pajama party in the lobby, oh did we have a good time, I know I burned calories with the laughing involved. Lifeway had chair massages for us, there were a couple different beauty companies there doing various treatments, also they had scrapbooking and bingo going on, there was a lot to choose from. Angela and Elizabeth were in line for their backrubs, so Jennifer and I headed off to be pampered by Beauty Control. There we recieved lip treatments, I will say we have never looked so good.
Before we made our way back to the hotel we made a stop at Tylers local Walmart to grab a game and have some more late night fun, which if it was up to me would have gone into the wee hours but remember I was on a trip with a bunch of old ladies :). So Saturday was the long part of the confrence and it was wonderful, I think I would describe this trip as perfect. Towards the end of it all I began to break down just a bit, everything made me cry. The speaking, the picture of the premie baby, the music, and prayer. No one likes to cry infront of others but I couldn't help it. God revealed to me that I hadn't been submitting to my husband the way I should have been all along. i.e. respect, honor, trust and more. I also had not been interacting with my kids the way God wanted me to. As a little side note, before last weekend, I had, had a couple break downs, nothing was going the way I wanted it to with my babies. Alli wouldn't listen...at all, I have really considered getting her an ear exam, when I couldn't get Landon to be happy or sleep, I would get so bitter and depressed. My husbands advice was to consult God about it. Turn the Dr. Phill and Oprah off and go to God. I listened to the part about the tv programming but I really didn't want to take the time to take this to God, who ensures me that if I ask I will recieve. Oh what a weekend, God so convicted me that I needed to make a total change at home. One of the books I purchased was Creative Correction, I highly reccomend it. Great ideas! My heart needed an overhaul so badly. These precious babies of mine that I had asked for were just needing to be dealt with differently...Gods way not mine. I thanked God for my children that just 6 years ago I never thought I would have wanted. Oh I couldn't imagine not waking up to their voices in the morning. God is good, so good!


Jennifer said...

You go girl! That was such a good representation of our super fun weekend. I can't wait till next year when we get to do it all over agian. I still want copies of all the pics you know. Love you girly!
Your sista, Jen <><

Angela said...

Loved reading that! It was like I was there...oh, I WAS! Such a good time!
Love ya!

Regina said...

You crack me up because you write just like you talk! Sounds like such a fun time. You know I'm going to be borrowing all those book you guys got! Whip these little boogers...I mean blessings...into shape!