Thursday, August 24, 2006

Poor Saints

Monday was a very exciting day in the Jenkins II houshold. We were on our way to tailgate at the Saints vs. Cowboys game. It was so hot, and all that could go wrong just about did. We took an RV and the air wasn't working inside so our babies are dripping with sweat, later to find out I did it by blowing a fuse when I used the microwave. And when I say later, I mean hours later :) So it was hot inside, hot outside, we had to move the RV when the entire power source went dead. I forgot the meat for lunch in the fridge at home, and nobody wants to be stuck in the heat with hungry men, can I get an Amen? ;) We didn't know that the babies needed their very own ticket so we had to call a sitter at the last minute to help us out in the RV while we were at the game. And because of the circumstances she was more than a bit late. Not that it affected me because my brother in law was gracious enough to let us go on to the game while he waited with the kids. Then at the game it started raining...pouring. And to end the all went wrong streak the Saints lost. Wait a minute do the Saints ever really win? Ahhh, just kidding Ken, my good and faithful Saints fan, I love you! Yes, below you will find Mr. Hollywood himself, Joe Horn...does that mean anything to any of my friends reading this? I didn't think so, but being that I am Ken's wife I need to give him props, wha what! - I am so dorky ;)


Angela said...

Poor Saints...nah, GO COWBOYS! I am so happy that after my husband sat in the rain his team won! Really, like the blog! Keep it up!

Katie said...

I love your blog