Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our Easter Sunday...

Easter day was crazy at our house! Let me start by explaining that it may have not been so bad if Ken and I didn't have plans all day Saturday but we did and those plans left us quite sleepy on Sunday morning. I worked back to back senior portraits Friday and Saturday I had a wedding all day and Ken was in Dallas at Six Flags with the college group. After work for me I headed to my in laws to do the egg dying thing and visit. Ken didn't get home until late late almost Sunday morning. We were so tired. Not to mention the fact that I'm 9 months pregnant.

I woke up early Sunday morning to get the kids baskets ready and clean the house because I thought my parents were coming over to cook dinner at our house and my little brother who is a marine in North Carolina showed up at our door Friday night to suprise us, so I wanted things to look nice for him also. Okay, so I cleaned for an hour or so and then started to get ready for church, the kids woke up and I wanted them to be able to go through their baskets but we were in such a hurry that I didn't even bother with the camera or to video tape any of it. We were also egged Saturday night and I thought we could exit for church out the garage without the kids seeing it until we got home from church but Ken had them go out the front. Did I know this? No. So by the time I had my shoes on I walk by the front of the house and I see my kids hunting eggs...without me! I grab my camera and managed two whole pictures! For me that's a big deal :)

Off to church, where Landon was crying and didn't want to be left so we brought him with us, the only row with seats open, of course would be the one in front of the pastor, so we took, Landon, did really well, thank goodness, I was so out of breath by the time we finally sat down, I needed a well behaved kid.

After church, we ran home, to grab play clothes and pick up the Easter basket stuff that was thrown everywhere, and then we were off to Nana's and Pop's for lunch and another easter egg hunt. At Nana and Pop's the adults (under 30) and the "big" kids get to do an egg hunt as well...these eggs are equipt with "mulah". Since my man is too old to play this year, my impregnated body was on my own. I was moving quite slow, picking up only four eggs (there were 150 of them hidden)...yeah. Anyway, so it was up to Ken to capture my kids hunting eggs over in the playground. The images, well, thank you honey, but I can't scrap those. :)

After the hunt the entire family headed over to Shreveport where Pawpaw Hyman has been in the MICU at LSU. They brought him out to the waiting area so we could all wish him happy easter and hug on him.

From there we rushed back to our house where I thought my family would be...but they weren't. By this time Landon was passed out because Ken accidentally gave him a whole Benedril chewable when he is only supposed to get a half and he just wouldn't wake up, poor thing. My parents called and said that they were cooking at their house, so we tried to get Landon up as best as we could and headed over there at 6:30pm. I'm just a wreck at this point, frustrated, exhausted and such. We eat dinner and visit a back starts hurting and Alli starts to cough and then begins to struggle to breath, so we were off to the ER because her treatment wasn't helping. (yep, back to LSU) We go to Shreveport because my sister in law Amy gets us right in, no waiting, no registering or sining in, its wonderful! We were greeted by five doctors/nurses, that began to do their thing on Al.

After her x-ray, it turns out my little girl has pneumonia again. Once they got her stable and gave her a good ol' shot in the booty, we were headed home early early Monday morning (we also had Landon with us the entire time).

So that was it, our Easter 2008. We are hoping for a less stressful one next year!


Candy said...

Okay, I'm exhausted after reading all of that! My goodness, what an Easter you guys had! Please call me anytime that I can help, Michelle! I could have come and picked up Landon from the hospital. Just let me know and I'll be HAPPY to help you. :)
On another note, you all look great! The kids are adorable as usual. I hope Ali is feeling better.

Kate said...

Wow - as chaotic as that sounded I still miss you all so much I wish I were there to at LEAST help out! What adorable Easter getups ya'll had on...the kids are growing up way too fast.

Angela said...

Okay, that was a crazy day...really! On a side note, I love your dress. You look so cute!!!

Ashlie said...

Whew! I found myself holding my breath while reading this and letting out a big WHOOSH at the end! I'm so sorry your day was so hectic! If it makes you feel better, when y'all came into church I remember thinking "Wow, Michelle looks so cute in that dress! I wonder where she got it?" So, where DID you get it? And do they have it for slightly large but not pregnant people? :)

Martha said...

Michelle, you look gorgeous in your cute Easter dress! What an Easter day you! And, what a fun Easter egg hunt for the adults!

Jen said...

Wow what a whirlwind holiday! I'm so glad you brother surprised you guys with a visit! I hope Ali is feeling better and that everyone is healthy and rested by now.

Great photos! You look great Michelle!