Friday, March 07, 2008

Now this is SNOW!

Yea! Finally real snow, right here in our little know me, I bundled the kiddos right up and headed into town! I would have taken them towards Texas but the snow seemed to be piling up just fine here, so after our Starbucks morning date with Ken we headed back home. The photo above was the grounds at about 9:30am and the one below is how much had accumulated once we made it back home around 1:15pm. Big change, enough for a snowball fight or possibly a snowman!

Alli trying to get in one good throw at my face before we left, I guess I didn't catch the snowball, where did that thing go anyway?

Landon, giving me that "I'm about to take off these gloves again" look.

Just look at the excitement on their little faces, to be driving in the snow, Alli couldn't believe it. She said, "Is this what it looks like in Canada?" Funny girl, I have no clue where that came from.

Okay, this is the park that we went to just yesterday when the weather was so wonderful! The kids loved it, yep, I'm the fun mom everyone wanted as a kid! :)

Only in Louisiana would kids try to make snow angels on top of woodchips at the playground, I have no excuse for this, they said, "Angels, angels, lets make them!" I responded, "Yeah! Drop down and do it!" What can I say, I was excited for them, if it wasn't for my belly, I would have done one as well.

We got home and ate our yummy soup then ran outside to make a snowman before the snow melted. Ours is cute, but our neighbors managed to make a huge one, I have a feeling they had their daddy home though. Good times!


Autumn said...

I knew I wouldn't be the only one that would rush to blog about the snow. It looks like you guys had a great time.

Candy said...

Fun times!

Betty said...

lucky you and your kids, I was working and I couldn't take pictures.

Angela said...

Cute little snowman! We had fun playing in the snow, too!

Martha said...

Your street looks so pretty in the snow! I love how Alli asked you if that's what it looked like in Canada! SO cute!

Jen said...

Such great pictures! Wish I would've got at least one with the kids!

Love the little snowman!

Your husband said...

Canada? Where in the world did she hear something like that? I don't know how she even knows what Canada is.

destiny said...

Love the snowman!! Great pictures!