Thursday, March 06, 2008

Alli turns the BIG 5!

Well, my one and only baby girl is five years old today! She is my world. From the moment I saw her I knew my life would never be the same. It has been such a joy to watch her grow. She is sweet, and beautiful, not to mention smart and loving. The girl has her days, don't get me wrong, I'm thinking it has something to do with her ever developing mind, because she can be quite the "attitudial" one. Not that, that is a word, but I made it up to describe her. She is my helper with everything from Landon, to laundry to myself. If I'm in pain about something she brings me a blanket and pillow without me even asking and she makes sure my hair is out of my face when I'm lying down. She is always wanting to teach Landon new things and tries her best to be patient with him. She is sporty and energetic. And oh my goodness does the girl love to dance! She might and probably has scared some of you with her moves :) This little bit is my sunshine and I love her to pieces, each new year is full of memories that I will treasure forever!

Ken, Landon and I went into Alli's bedroom this morning singing Happy Birthday to her. She's not a morning person, but she managed a smile when she heard us. She wanted a tea party for her birthday but she doesn't have a lot of girlfriends so I decided to take her out to lunch and tea this afternoon with her Mamaw.

She said she felt different now that she's five, my sassy little thing!

We went to Glenwood Village for our little ladies outing. Halfway through our time there our little three tabled room became ours alone which was nice. The tea was yummy, although I like sweet tea and I don't like to sweeten with fake sugar, but who's complaining :) The food was good too, my mom had a plate of assorted tea sandwiches, Alli had a chicken and swiss sandwich on a crossaint, and I had a crepe stuffed with chicken, mushrooms, and wild rice. We had scones for dessert.

Alli insisted that we drink our tea with our pinkies held high. She felt like such a princess today. When we sat down each of us had our own unique tea cup and saucer which she switched around a bit until she felt she had the prettiest one at her place setting.

It was a fun afternoon out celebrating my baby growing up. She shopped in the tea store with Mamaw and then left with her for the rest of the day. They are on their way to the 3D Hannah Montana movie and then out to dinner. We still have her family party at Nana's after church Sunday and then her birthday party with a few friends this coming up Monday afternoon.


Candy said...

I loved reading about how you celebrated Alli's special day! So sweet and what great pictures!

Betty said...

Your daughter is really beautiful!
Congratulations Alli!

Angela said...

What a sweet post! It looks like you all had a beautiful day!

Oh, her dance moves may have scared me a bit but I'm over it now...kind of!

Jen said...

Like I always say, I think I'm needing a girl! Looks like a great time you all had. Allie is beautiful!

Happy 5th Birthday!!

Your husband said...

Some of her dance moves may be banned from Dancing with the Stars, but she doesn't know how hoochie they are. I love my girl so much, I am really glad she had a great birthday. Reading this reminded me of how I felt the first time I held her and how I would never be the same either.

Martha said...

What a sweet way to spend her 5th birthday! I love this Tea Room, I haven't been in a while. These pictures make me want some tea and scones!:)

destiny said...

So sweet!! I loved this post!!