Thursday, May 08, 2008

Yesterday Landon and I met Candy and Ella at the park, oh yes, and baby Anderson as well. Oh was it windy yesterday! We didn't stay too long at the park because of it but ran over to Candy's house to feed the baby and let the kids play a little more. Ella was all about Anderson and not quite all that into Landon. I'm surprised she even let us leave with the baby. She was such a little mama, bringing me a blanket and burp cloth for the baby. It was nice to get together with someone Landon's age to play with.

Anderson was three weeks yesterday as well and boy is he growing! We went in Monday for his 2 week (oops a little late) check up and the boy had gained 21 ounces from the last time we went in which was just a week earlier. He has started to cry a bit more instead of just whimpering when he is hungry. It is now a bit clearer that he would like to be held closely :) His looks haven't changed all that much besides the jaundice being clear he still seems to have olive skin, maybe this will last :) He loves to be spoken to and sung to and just stares right into your eyes when you are giving him attention.

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Candy said...

We had so much fun with ya'll! You make it all look too easy with 3.