Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Nana and Pop took Alli and Landon to the camp Thursday morning and Anderson and I followed late that afternoon...everything is a first for this little guy, but it was also my first time back to the camp since Christmas. Some of you that have been there already know that it is quite relaxing to be away from home at this place even if it is less than two hours away. Oh and not to mention all the extra help with the kiddos when Nana and Pop are at the same place as you :)

Landon has just now gotten to the point where he will let me take a picture of him that doesn't always include one of his goofy faces...I love the silly ones, but it's nice to be able to capture a moment like I see it. Him and Alli were on one of the porches on the hammock and he looked so cute with his arms above his head and I asked him to "look at Mommy" and he did, too cute!

Then Pop took the three of us out on the boat while Nana stayed back with Anderson. My kids love them a good boat ride! Especially when they are the ones driving the boat.

As soon as Landon got to drive he stayed on Pop for less than a minute and then said, "Okay Alli's turn" Strange huh? Why can't it be like this when we are at home?

Then the kids went fishing for the fourth or fifth time, this time catching a few. We had TEAM NANA and TEAM POP. A little bit of competition to make catching dinner more exciting :) I love to watch their faces light up when they are pulling one in, I make the same expressions when I actually catch one as well, except for I'm yelling for someone to help and release the poor things, and my kids are kissing their catch.

I love Landon's face in the photo above, he was crazy-excited about this one! And yeah, how could I not love the kissing one below....now that I think of it, I don't remember ever telling him to wash his face when we got inside, okay, thats gross! :) Seriously...


Candy said...

That looks like SO much fun and so relaxing to just "get away".

Autumn said...

I love the pic of landon kissing the fish he probably came and gave you a big kiss after that! Looks like you had a great time.

Martha said...

HOW FUN! What wonderful grandparents:)

Laura said...

Love that place! It really is relaxing. I love the pictures!