Thursday, March 22, 2007

Terrie Perez, a photographer and good friend of mine invited me to tag along and take pics at a wedding with her last week. This was good experience for me, watching how she dealt with the clients and getting used to using an on camera flash.

I am really glad that I was able to go with her, this will make for no jitters in June for my next wedding...hopefully no jitters :)

Here's Terrie's girls, are they too cute or what? So sweet and respectful.


Lacy said...

OMG~When I looked at that picture of the bride kinda turned to the side-all I could see was me. Not because i'm going to be in that spot soon, but because she looks just like me from the side (her face)totally weird! but they are good pictures :)

Lacy said...

I forgot to tell you I LOVE the picture of the cowboy boots! Thats the kind of shots I want!