Sunday, February 25, 2007

Landon's new look

Isn't it funny how a hair cut can change your look so much, even when it's not a lot of hair to begin with? After Laura and Blairs session I put Landon up on a bench to get some quick shots of him. I take the time to set up stuff with Alli because I know it will be worth it, she does exactly what I say and more, now Landon, I can't ever be sure if today is going to be the day he decides to smile at the camera or whine until I take him down. This time it was a little of both :) Ken and I were smiling so big looking at these last night, because just when I think he looks like me, I see Ken way more!


Angela said...

Since you mentioned who he looks like, as I was keeping him last night I was thinking that he is looking more and more like Ken (with your coloring).

Joyce Family said...

Landon is getting so big! I agree wtih Angela, he most definately looks like Ken to me.

Autumn said...

I love these pics. Yeah the hair is totally cute, but its like you caught a completly diffrent expression in every pic. I definatly see Ken.