Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good bye BABY Hello TODDLER

The photo above is what a one year old boy looks like sleeping on his birthday.

Today my youngest turned ONE...My tiny little baby, gone. For breakfast he had Apple Jacks, spaghetti for lunch and beef raviolis for dinner. <---Just wanted to record that.

I receive an email each week telling me what my baby is doing now and what he will start doing and they are always titled "Your Baby, 11 months, week 4." But my latest email was "Your Toddler..."

He walks everywhere, there are days that I never see him crawl, he even runs if you chase him! For months I've been telling Landon that pretty soon brother is going to be walking and running in the back yard with you...that day is now here.

My Anderson is so sweet, he loves to kiss and kiss and kiss.

His last "boobie" day was Wednesday April 8th. That was also his first night without me. Daddy kept him while I went on a girls gettaway to Jefferson, TX. I was gone for a little under 48 hours and he did great! Ken too! :)

He gibber gabbers about lots of things, none of which I know. He loves looking at books and being read to and will bring me a book and sit down by me for me to read. He says "that, that" pointing to what he wants. Loves to put lids on objects, drops things behind his back and puts his hands up ("where did it go?") He will throw a ball (straight down, but he gets the concept), laughs when he knocks down blocks, he likes to give bites to people or give you a toy, he screms if you take something from him if he didn't offer it to you first :) He can point to your nose, mouth, tongue and of course boobie :) I give him items in the grocery store and he puts it in the basket behind him.

I will have to say, now that his daddy got him onto bottles he has become such a happy baby to everyone. I can come and go freely without being worried that he is at home screaming.

He still does not sleep through the night, he wakes up at 2 or 4am for a bottle (which he probably does not need). Since last week he slept through the night once, we are hoping to see more of those nights ;)

Happy Birthday my sweet Anderson Brady! Mommy is so happy that God had a plan for your precious life. You have such a special place in our family. You make up smile and laugh every day. Mommy can't wait to see you grow and see what kind of personality you have. Your brother and sister love you so much and are enjoying being able to play with you more and more each day as you learn new things. My life would be incomplete without you sweet boy.

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Angela said...

Happy Birthday! He is SO sweet!