Friday, March 06, 2009

June 25, 2002

What does the date above have to do with March 6, 2009? Well, on June 25, 2002 I went home for lunch and took a HPT and found out that I had a baby growing and thriving inside of me.

I was ecstatic!
Screaming, laughing, crying, all out loud in a house all by myself.
I couldn't contain the excitement that I was feeling and I had no one around to tell.

Would I be able to keep this from Ken; how was I going to tell him that he was going to be a daddy?
What do I do?
Do I go to the doctors?
Right now?
Call in sick for the rest of the day?

I headed back to work with the biggest smile on my face. I wanted Ken to be the first to know of course, but I was crazy happy and thought I would mosey on by my managers office door....{Amy Mize}...she could tell I had info that needed to be shared and well, I shared!
She was so happy for us.

I called the doctors and went right in that afternoon!

They confirmed, we were going to have a baby!!!!

I headed straight for the mall to pick up my husbands favorite cake.
An american cookie company cake.
This one had a stork carrying a blanket with a little baby head poking out with the words
"Congratulations Daddy"

He was so excited..."really? really?"
we couldn't believe it.

We wanted two boys, we thought that would be just wonderful...obviously we had never raised a boy!

On October 2, 2002 we discovered that our baby was a little girl.
Waiting to see the doctor after the ultrasound I kept thinking of everything that we would need in the future....another bathroom, prom dresses, a wedding!

Ooohh, a girl!
Ken said, "can't you just be happy and not think of all that stuff?"

So time passed rather quickly as the first pregnancy seems to do, and on March 6, 2003 at 12:43 pm I held my baby girl for the first time, and time stood still as a gazed upon her, I heard nothing going on in the room, just me and her. Holding her warm cheek against mine, breathing her in, my baby, all mine...

She weighed 8 pounds and 2 ounces and was 19 1/2 inces long.

Today my baby girl is 6 years old.

Alli has such a first born personality. She is reserved most of the time, until her fun crazy side breaks out and when it does she is too funny, but only if the mood gets her just right. She wakes up in the morning not wanting to be bothered, or spoken to. She expects chocolate milk to be brought to her and needs to snuggle on the couch with a blanket and watch a cartoon before any conversation takes place. She likes being the boss, the teacher, the instucter, the leader, any role in which she makes the final decisions. She is super quick when it comes to learning new things. She has an excellent memory and excels at everything. She plays the tough guy when she messes up or gets hurt, and yet she can get very embarrassed as well. Alli has a sweet, loving heart and usually takes on the role of little Mama. I hear her all of the time repeating things to her brothers that I have told her. She thinks she has all of the answers, and tends to say "I know, I know" before I can finish giving her an instruction. Happy Birthday my one and only girl! Mama loves you more than you know!


Candy said...

such a SWEET post and a beautiful little girl!!! Happy day late Birthday, Ali! :)

Angela said... sweet! Hope she has a fun party today :)

Jen said...

What a sweet blog post! Happy Birthday Allie!

Betty said...

I am sure when the time will pass by and she will read this post, Allie will have tears of joy. Beautiful post!

Martha said...

Happy Birthday Alli! This post is so sweet!