Saturday, January 24, 2009

Batman Party

His invites were done on black and yellow card stock...I hand cut out the bat symbol and glued them to the front of the card, then for the back of the card I made a copy of an old comic book cover and changed the words in the bubbles to go along with the party theme. I then added "Landon's turning Three" to the top by the title and then the birthday info was typed out to the side.

Landon had a great third birthday party! All of our family and a few of his friends were able to come. We still have unopened gifts in his closet...the result of a birthday party two weeks after Christmas. His favorite gifts were a set of batman wings, a batman imaginex cave and some action figures. Nana made him a Batman cake and cupcakes. Two walls in the dinning room were covered almost ceiling to floor with a cityscape mural and batman and batman and the bat mobile with Happy Birthday on top of that. When you entered the front door there was a bat cave to go through. Ken and I used large (long) boxes and sponge painted them and then cut them out to look like rocks and positioned them in the entry way with bats attached to them and black crate paper hanging down. I had action words like "pow" and "zap" cut out for me and had them hanging from the light fixture in the kitchen. When the kids arrived they all recieved a batman logo patch that had adhesive and stuck them to their shirts. Their goody bags had batman or a joker pez and batman markers (from the dollar bin at Target) in them. And of course balloons everywhere....I was able to salvage a lot of the decorations including the bat cave and I have all of the other decor including three more batman pez and seven goody bags in a box if anyone is interested in buying it from me, oh and the cake pan as well...if so just email me

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Autumn said...

Wow Michelle it all looks really great I am sure Landon really appreciates what a good mommy he has!